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Covid-19 Manual or automated assessment systems and software.

SmartRetail has developed an affordable software application to help with tracking and screening.

The software allows you to input the persons' data safely into the app. A camera will scan a QR code or enter enter the data manually into the system.

Key Features for Business

  • Collects data of people scanned.
  • Assessments can be completed offline. An internet connection is not a requirement.
  • Reports can be generated when requested to determine contact with infected people. Reports can be drawn by identification or time of day and the people who were there at the same time identified.
  • Fever Detecting Infrared Thermal Cameras can be integrated with the software. The camera can take temperature readings as people enter premises.
  • If staff members photos are uploaded facial recognition can be applied to identify the person. Works well in office environments. Eliminates manual record keeping.
  • People entering and leaving the building are counted. You always know how many people are on the premises.

Can be used by:

  • Businesses to assess employees
  • Businesses who deal with customers
  • Retail Outlets (Shopping Markets, Butcheries, Liquor Stores, Take Away Shops etc)
  • Schools
  • Churches

Create a User

Create a new user/employee.
  • Create a new user group that represents each department.
  • Assign new users to the appropriate user group.
Create A User

Medical Conditions

Create a new user/employee.
  • Complete the medical questionnaire per user.
  • These details are not displayed on any public reports.
  • Can be added to the assessment printout if failed to be presented for the medical practitioner.
New User Medical Conditions

Personal Information

As the user logs in, a summary page of user details will appear to be confirmed by the user that the details are correct. The system allows for next of kin information as an alternative contact point in the event that the persons family needs to be contacted.
  • ID Number.
  • Cell Number.
  • Residential Address.
  • Home Address.
  • Medical history summary.
COVID-19 Information

Contact / Travel / Exposure Assessment

User complete the assessment on a daily basis, generally when clock in in the mornings. 

Two-part assessment

  1. Contact, Travel and Exposure.
  2. Symptoms Assessment.
COVID-19 Assessment Travel

Symptoms Assessment

Continuing assessment is step four, the personal medical ques- tionnaire. 
  • The temperature gets recorded.**
  • A mandatory field for COVID-19 assessment**.
  • Temperature can be manually entered.
  • Temperature readings can be derived from digital fever detection cameras.
  • The software can be utilised for counting people in and out of the store.
  • Face Recognition also available as a form of identification.
COVID-19 Assessment_2

Assessment Confirmation

After completion of assessment the last step is for the user to confirm that information provided for the daily assessment is true and correct. 
  • The system can prompt for a printout or set to automatically print out an assessment verification stating PASSED or FAILED
COVID-19 Assessment Confirmation

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