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About Us

SmartRetail has over 20 years experience in the Point Of Sale industry. Together with dedicated programmers working in the Point of Sale industry, SmartRetail developed a single Point Of Sale software to cater for various different types of businesses (Smart-Trade Retail Management System®) which is tailor made, with built in system switches, for every retail outlet, quick service, franchise stores, restaurants, liquor stores, butcheries, canteens.

SmartRetail beliefs to bring a comprehensive product into the market which allows the user to change the way of doing traditional business, to be able to incorporate new concepts to maximize profit without the frustrations that the current software can’t incorporate your ideas, because your software is market specific.

Smart-Trade Retail Management System® is a reliable and affordable complete Back of House system with a front terminal solution to provide a comprehensive full proof All In One POS system. The adaptability subsides in the fact that changes on Smart-Trade can be made at any front of house terminal provided the user has the necessary security level on the Smart-Trade user account.

SmartRetail has developed a software system to help the key players in the store to better understand and interpreted the daily grinding of the store, Smart-Trade also improved the front end user interface by making it enormously user friendly for example minimise the keystrokes to complete a sale and allow the system to support multiple sale screens for different store departments or to setup each terminal as required by the different department outlet types.

We saw the extreme frustrations of restaurateurs taking stock of bar served items. SmartRetail sat together with various role players in the industry and worked out a quick effective way of completing stock take at closing time.

Smart-Trade Retail Management System® caters for additional needs which arise in running a well steered ship. These include office automation, networking and the ability to interlink with CCTV system.

SmartRetail offers the most recent hardware solutions and are constantly on the lookout for new technology on the market to add to the other benefits all ready available in the system, developed especially with the business in mind, these include customer back displays capable of running live advertisement and in store specials as they started, LCD digital shelf talkers etc.

SmartRetail concentrates very strongly on customer service, as we do understand that your point of sale plays a very important role in any retail/hospitality industry. When the system is down, the risks are high.