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Point Of Sale (POS) Rentals

POS rental solution - available for a day, a week, a month - you decide

Montly Point Of Sale rentals includes the complete software with all the features and reports, the computer, scanner, cash draw and printer. POS setup costs are variable and are incurred only once. Daily and weekly rentals are calculated depending on the time required. Great for events when extra till points are needed or when your checkout points increase.

We’ll beat any written quote. NB. Our rental Includes all software modules.
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When your check out lines are getting busy, customers lining up to buy your products and business is booming, the last thing you want to worry about is the Point Of Sale system. The POS must work, it must be user friendly and include all the bells and whistles of a World Class Point Of Sale…..only this time you want a POS rental.

This is where SmartRetail can help you

In a very competitive retail market and where entrepreneurship is on the rise, although there are a lot of companies offering rentals, we offer rentals designed for the entrepreneur at heart.

We offer tailor made rentals designed to fit any budget and combined with a software solution that can be used in multiple store types.

Our software is in use at franchise Coffee shops, Golf Courses, entertainment outlets, bank institution canteens, leading liquor stores, Deli and Bakeries, even butcheries.

Start up businesses andor small businesses can’t afford to tie up valuable capital to operate a competitive business in acquisitions creating liabilities on the balance sheet not to mention the high interest levels.

It is a known fact that POS hardware and software are becoming out dated day by day, reducing its value and usefulness, allowing for fair wear and tear, combined with depreciation, at the end of the loan term, the equipment is worth a small fraction of the purchase price and needs to be upgraded again, only to acquire a new loan or go the rental route.

It makes sound business and economic sense to rent POS hardware and software rather than buy, the equity in the equipment is of minimal value in a commercial context.

Renting allows the business to keep pace with the latest technology and avoid a capital outlay on depreciating equipment, while ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency.

Renting provides the lowest cost, because of the trade in value is already built into the repayments.

Renting provides several competitive advantages; the main advantage is that the equipment earns its keep while it is being paid for. It is a far better strategy then paying upfront and then gain the benefits later.

When choosing a rental company for your Point Of Sale needs, make sure the company will understand both your hardware and software needs, is in the market and have an after sales service record and software that is robust and reliable, unique to your situation and works for you, not you for the software.

The entire solution can be acquired in a single hit and used immediately. Renting allows a faster return on investment.

Simply put, pay as you use is more beneficial to any store owner

The SmartRetail POS Rental Guarantee

Each system is handpicked for your exact needs

  • Every unit is tested for high performance functionality, accuracy and appearance
  • Every unit is pre programmed to your specifications and our recommendations
  • Every unit is cleaned and printer is load with fresh paper
  • Any necessary accessories or peripherals selected and packed
  • Double checking every step of the pre-event process for absolute peace of mind
  • Each unit will undergo a 25 point check list before sending

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Optimum Cash Flow

With rentals you can now use your cash more effectively by investing it in and for the business, then using it for business infrastructure. You can benefit from more free cash.

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

In today’s fast moving POS industry, the hardware will lose half its value in the next six months after purchasing, the deprivation on POS hardware just makes no sense of purchasing new computers, if you can get the same service but only rent it.

Manage the Lifecycle

All hardware and software assets have a limited lifecycle. A rental solution manages the lifecycle of the assets. This reduces your costs and also the risks, while increases your service quality.

Off Balance Sheet Financing

Proper managing of your Point of Sale rental can result in having an increase in your business profitability. When conducting equipment financing through your bank, you usually exhaust your available credit, preventing you from a faster growth of the business.


Flexible payment plans, upgrades and the addition of more technology to meet your business demands, means you have more freedom to grow and expand your business.

Easier Budgeting

No surprised costs which you haven’t budgeted for.

Fast Delivery

We deliver and install on site, give training on our easy to operate software, leaving you with the knowledge to keep the cash in the drawer and purchase the right stock amounts.

On Site Maintenance

In the event that the computers misbehave, we have technicians on standby 24/7 to repair or replace rental equipment on site.

Software on demand

The hardware comes pre installed with Smart-Trade Point Of Sale Software using a SQL Server database. The software can handle all types of transactions, loyalty programmes, stock, account sales, purchase ordering (you can even ask the system to generate a purchase order), cashless facility and packed with powerful reporting on all aspects of your business.

No lengthy contracts

No lengthy contracts, you decide on the rental period. Rentals can be from as little as one day.

You have the event; we have the solution.

Why do you want a Point Of Sale System?

Increased Sales

  • Monitor and control inventory levels
  • Reduce out of stock situations
  • Use promotional sales to increase traffic flow
  • Ability to print food and bar orders directly in the kitchen or bar

Reduces Cost- Saving you Time and Money

  • Carry optimum stock levels by using our min and max stock levels
  • Reduce training time on our friendly easy to use, yet highly functional POS system
  • The software is a truly all in one software package, no need to have different additional integration software to be re-entered on other software, eliminating user errors of capturing data already on the system. Data can be exported to Excel.

Sales And Invoicing

  • Create invoices
  • Open Tabs and Tables
  • Flexibility handling cash, card, cheque, EFT, Prepaid and account sales.
  • Touch menus can be used.
  • Printing of company receipts and invoices
  • Tracking of customer purchase history
  • Accommodates commission structures
  • Accommodates gratuity


  • Include Business Management and Accounting reporting
  • Includes dozen of standard reporting and powerful customized reports
  • Real Time and historical reports at the “click” of a mouse
  • Analyse your operation and make quality business decisions based on real time per second data, not in batched days, weeks or months

Invoice Profitability and Discounting

  • Discount Capabilities on the invoice screen for quick on the fly adjustments
  • Discounting at the Point Of Sale instantly calculates profit margins
  • Scales can be linked to the invoice screen for weighted items
  • Using of Barcode Scanners to speed up customer services at the till point
  • Loyalty Card to keep them coming back
** Contact us if you planning or organizing a total cash free event – we can provide the right solution

Remote Printing and Kitchen Video Display System

  • Ability to place printers in the kitchen or bar area to print food orders directly at the kitchen and / or to the bar
  • Kitchen Video Display Monitors can be installed in the kitchen / bar area to display
  • Kitchen Video Display System controls the access of new orders, park orders, clear completed orders from the display, and recall previously cleared orders back to the display.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management)

  • Search for Customers by Name
  • Create powerful reward programs to attract customers to your stores
  • Retains detailed history
  • Excellent customer tool

Inventory Tracking

  • Real Time Inventory tracking
  • Automatic Purchase Ordering
  • System warning when cost increase

Other Features

  • Special features for specific business applications, truly a flexible software solution
  • Security features allow you to set access privileges by employee, either limiting or allowing certain functions on the system
  • Biometric Identification
  • Supports a variety of Peripherals